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Meticulously and carefully, we select and use only the best products for the best results!
Solar Nail Air - Advance formula natural pink mix powder.
Arr Solar non-yellow and low odor liquid.
Arr UV light cured clear gel and pink gel from IBD, which will give the mirror glass finish. The gel itself is very flexible and cause no burning or yellowing.
Arr Your feet will be treated in a spa bubble bath mixed with Dead Sea salt crystal. This treatment gives a clean and fresh sensation.
Arr BioLab Ice Scub – Deep clean srcub with sanitizer and moisturizer create the best smooth skin result
Arr Shasta baby powder lotion is used for foot massages.
All implements are sanitized with antibacterial soap then sterilized in UV oven before each time used.
Arr We have over hundred different OPI colors to choose from (Classic to modern fun colors).
Arr Professional non-yellow UV top and base coat will keep the mirror shine longer.
Arr Lots of classy and fun designs from AreoFlash true watercolors.
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