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Cleanness is always our top priority. We have taken extra measures to ensure your safety while having your nails serviced at About Nails:
PERSONAL BOX for returned customers to store your personal supplies, minimizing cross contamination.
Arr STERILIZER to sterilize all tools after every use, making sure that they are cleaned.
A friendly and relaxing atmosphere is also guaranteed at About Nails.
Arr Single use HOT/COLD TOWEL to help soothing your day
Arr Hot coffee and selective music to enrich your relaxation
Arr Friendly and pleasant staff
Arr And a smile, always.
All at no extra charge!!!
Providing extra services does not mean cutting corners on what we are best at: professional nail services. Our manicurists pledge to use:
Arr Dedication and attention to ensure that every detail is completed properly.
Arr Creativity and skill to make sure your nails are done to your liking.
Arr Consistency and reliability to ensure the same quality service every and all the time.
Arr Brand-name and quality products to provide the best values for your money.

At About Nails, we do not endorse compromise. Working hard and delivering first class services are what we rely on to win your trust.

Come on in, relax and experience the About Nails services today!
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